Tři Don't be fooled! proběhnou na Prague British School

Tři Don't be fooled! aneb anglická verze Nenech se nachytat! proběhnou na Prague British School

Podívejte se do kalendáře na termín, který by se hodil vám, a domluvte workshop i pro vaše studenty. Kontaktní formulář je níže.

Na Prague British School proběhnou tři semináře Don't be fooled!, první ve čtvrtek 7. 12. 2017, další dva pak v lednu. 

BS welcomes families of all nationalities and offers a quality British education in a truly international community. Every day over 900 pupils from almost 60 different countries attend PBS. This international environment gives PBS students a head start in our increasingly global world.
At PBS we are driven by a desire to create a learning environment that allows pupils to develop as strong independent thinkers and confident learners. We treat each pupil as an individual and work hard to ensure that every pupil who comes through our doors has the opportunity to excel and to realise their potential.
PBS employs well qualified teachers who are experienced in the delivery of the English National Curriculum, International Primary Curriculum, IGCSE and IB syllabuses. All our staff members are dedicated to the promotion of high quality learning that is enjoyable for students.  Our favourable teacher to student ratio and excellent resources help ensure our students' success, whatever their age or ability.
Recognising the benefits that strong parental and community involvement can bring to students, we actively encourage an open partnership between home and school.  Parents are welcome to participate in many areas of school life, reinforcing the importance of working together to make the most of living within the large international community in Prague.

Whether you are currently in Prague, or considering moving to Prague to live and work, the education of your child is one of the most important decisions that you will need to make. We invite you to visit PBS to see our students at work and play and to experience what the school has to offer.

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